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Stop Start Battery Prices

Q85/EFB55d23L are
$310 Inc gst

  • Mazda 2 Skyactive Stop/Start Petrol
  • Mazda 3 Skyactive Stop/Start Petrol
  • Mazda 6 Skyactive Stop/Start Petrol
  • Subaru XV Stop/Start Petrol
  • Subaru Outback Stop/Start Petrol
  • Subaru RX Stop/Start Petrol
  • Mitsubishi ASX Stop/Start Petrol
  • Honda Civic Stop/Start

T110/EFBN70ZZL are
$350 Inc gst

  • Mazda 2 Skyactive Stop/Start Diesel
  • Mazda 3 Skyactive Stop/Start Diesel
  • Mazda 6 Skyactive Stop/Start Diesel

Heavy Duty AGM dry cell Stop Start Batteries: range from
$420 - $650inc gst (Depending on model/year)

  • Audi Stop/Start
  • BMW Stop/Start
  • Citroen Stop/Start
  • Fiat Stop/Start
  • Ford Stop/Start
  • Jeep Stop/Start
  • Maserati Stop/Start
  • Mercedes Benz Stop/Start
  • Mini Stop/Start range
  • Peugeot Stop/Start
  • Range Rover Stop/Start
  • Renault Stop/Start range
  • Skoda Stop/Start
  • Volkswagon Stop/Start

What is a stop start battery?

You might be feeling a little overwhelmed by all the possibilities if you're in the market for a new car battery. Even more so if you haven't bought a car battery in a while. The stop start car battery is one of the most recent advancements in passenger vehicle battery technology.

A stop start car battery is built specifically for use in current passenger automobiles with stop start technology.

What is stop start technology?

Stop start (or start/stop batteries, depending on your preference) is a system in contemporary automobile models that automatically starts and stops the vehicle's engine when it is stationary, then restarts it when the brake is withdrawn (in automatic transmission cars) or the clutch is actuated (in cars with manual transmission).

Stop start batteries are intended to reduce fuel use and pollutants while lowering operating expenses. In a conventional car, the engine continues to operate while the vehicle is stopped (for example, at a traffic signal), wasting fuel and increasing operating expenses and emissions.

When the engine of a stop start car is not in use, it is totally turned off, so no fuel is wasted. Because stop start batteries can cycle, power is still available to run the car's accessories, so you don't have to turn off the radio or the air conditioning.

Stop start battery systems are projected to reduce emissions by 3-8 percent and increase fuel efficiency by the same amount. 

Why do I need a special battery for stop start cars?

Starting a car in a normal vehicle is usually a one-time occurrence on your journey. You'll start the automobile and drive it till you reach your destination. This is what standard starting batteries are made for. They produce a large, brief burst of power, which is then recharged by the car's alternator during your ride.

The car will regularly restart in a stop start vehicle. With a conventional battery, repeated restarts would necessitate multiple huge bursts of energy, rapidly discharging the battery before the alternator could fully recharge it. 

A stop start battery must withstand a double load, which means it will continue to be used after your car has been started. Even if the engine is turned off, it will continue to power your ancillary systems such as the radio, lights, and air conditioning. It also employs regenerative braking, which transforms some of the car's kinetic energy into electricity when it brakes, assisting in the restoration of battery charge for the next restart. Stop start batteries have several unique characteristics that allow them to recharge significantly faster and drain to a much deeper state than normal batteries. These features allow the battery to recover charge faster and to make use of newer car systems like regenerative braking and battery management systems, all of which are targeted at lowering vehicle emissions and improving fuel efficiency.

The different types of stop start car batteries

When shopping for stop start car batteries, you'll come across two types: absorbent glass mat (AGM) and enhanced flooded battery (EFB).

What is an AGM stop start battery?

AGM batteries are the most powerful stop start batteries available. Rather than your ordinary passenger automobile, they're ideally suited for bigger or more demanding cars.

Years ago, this technology was designed for military applications, but it has since gained favour in the consumer car battery industry. AGM batteries are frequently needed to meet the needs of power-hungry automotive systems, gear shift indicators, and modern in-car technologies.

They can deliver a deeper discharge without putting the battery at risk. AGM stop start batteries provide the greatest hybrid battery solution for modern automobiles by combining cranking power and deep cycle capability. 

Agm stop/start batteries are generally specific to European made/designed vehicles.

The benefits of AGM batteries

- 3-4 times more cycling life than standard batteries.
- Up to 8% lower emissions and greater fuel efficiency.
- Greater vibration resistance
- Lower internal resistance allowing faster recharging.
- High charge capacity, which is crucial for regenerative - - braking and energy management systems.
- Reliable, strong starting power even at low charge.
- Completely maintenance-free.
- 100% leak-proof and sealed, with no loose acid.


What is an enhanced flooded battery (EFB)?

An enhanced flooded battery (EFB) is another type of stop start battery you might come across.

These batteries are simply more advanced versions of ordinary automobile batteries that are created specifically for stop start vehicles. EFB batteries are similar to normal flooded batteries in that they are wet-filled with electrolyte, but they have thicker battery cells which allow better cycle performance and charge acceptance.

If your vehicle already has an EFB, it must not be replaced with a traditional flooded battery. Similarly, an EFB or conventional flooded battery should not be used in a car that was designed to use an AGM battery. 

EFB batteries are generally specific to cars built/designed in the Asia region.

The benefits of enhanced flooded batteries

- 2x cyclic durability of a standard flooded battery.
- Up to 6% reduced emissions and greater fuel efficiency.
- Designed to meet most OEM vehicle demands.
- Suited for entry-level stop start cars.
- Fully sealed and maintenance-free.


Why are stop start batteries becoming increasingly common?

In general, as governments around the world place tighter restrictions on CO2 equivalent emissions, stop start technology is becoming increasingly common.

Manufacturers may use stop start technology to minimise their vehicles' emissions, achieve standards, and work together to create a more stable, healthy global environment.

Which manufacturers use stop start technology?

Most automobile manufacturers around the world are now considering stop start technology and fuel economy technologies in their latest models. Audi, BMW, Fiat, and Volkswagen, in particular, are known to advocate the usage of stop start systems throughout Europe. Automatic stop start technologies have recently been included in American Ford automobiles.

While Toyota Australia first rejected this technology in 2017, many new hybrid Toyota models now include stop start technologies to minimize fuel consumption even more. 

Do you need urgent stop start battery replacement?

At Batteries Sunshine Coast, we stock a full range of batteries to suit all stop start vehicles. From a wet cell stop start specific battery for a Mazda or Subaru to an absorbed glass matt (AGM) stop start battery needed for your Mercedes Benz or Maserati, we have them all in stock* and are able to install 7 days a week at no extra cost! We also have battery reset equipment on board and have years of experience fitting stop start batteries for all types of vehicle, which means you can rest assured knowing your car is in good hands.

At Batteries Sunshine Coast, our promise to you is that we will install your new stop start battery at a fraction of the cost that car dealers charge. All of our stocked stop start batteries are designed for Australian conditions and are heavy duty with unparalleled warranties. If you need a stop start battery that is going to last the distance, then contact Batteries Sunshine Coast today for your stop start battery replacement.

*subject to availability. We are not responsible / held liable for any fault codes that are present before or after the battery installation. We have a battery reset tool on board if needed however customer may need to proceed to dealer if their model car isn't compatible with the reset.

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